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Serving manufacturers since 1972
Offering ISO 9001, 13485, AS9100.

Serving the aerospace, medical and industrial markets delivering precision that surpasses your highest expectations for custom-machined components with tolerances as low as .0002 (1/10,000) of an inch Working with all major alloys. Equipment includes, but not limited to, 8 optical comparators with capabilities to include edge finding technology and video display. 26 machine ranging up to 32mm bar capacity with various capabilities, sub spindle pickoff, live cross tools, live end working (sub and main spindle) and full “C” axis. A variety of secondary operations also available.

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Fabricated Metallic Assemblies
Cut-to-length tubing and fabricated metal assemblies made from carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and titanium materials. Tube diameter sizes range from 1/8 to 3 inches. Precision parts manufacturing, waterjet cutting, and in-house tooling are available to supplement the tube fabrication.

Manufacturer of Stampings, Springs, and Wire Forms  
Metal parts and stampings from a variety of available metals. Products include coil springs, clamps, pins, clips, and custom metal parts. All Alloys, four slide, assembly. All sizes, prototypes, short and long run. 

Manufacturer of Molded Rubber 
Specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom injection molded rubber parts and products. Products are designed for all industries and in a wide range of sizes. Long run, short run and all compounds available. . 

Wire-Cloth, Screen and Wire-Mesh
Manufacture of woven wire from 4-micron to 2-inches. All alloys, shapes and sizes. Welded, fabricated and many different coatings available. Worlds largest inventory and selection. Custom weaving, fabricated services and weaving for any application. Stainless steel, heat resisting alloys, nickel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and more. 

Wire and Wiring Harnesses  
Wire, wiring harnesses and electrical connectors. All lengths, gauges and sizes. From simple and very complex. 

Sand Castings, Aluminum

Capital Equipment 

High quality wire, cable & tube cutting process equipment
  • Cable strippers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Cable Cutters
  • Wire Twisters
  • Fiberglass Brushes
  • Infrared Heating
  • Wire Strippers
  • Measuring Tools
  • Replacement Parts
  • Fiberglass Erasers
Material handling equipment
  • Power Winches
  • Cranes
  • Air Winches
  • Hand Winches
  • Davit Cranes
  • Complete systems

Standard and Custom Transformers and Inductors
  • Lighting Disconnects
  • Industrial Control 50 & HC Series
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Single Phase
  • K-Factor Transformers 
  • Three Phase
  • Hazardous Location