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The advantages of hiring independent representatives
Instead of hiring in-house/direct employed sales personnel

Fixed costs (if sales go up, revenues go up- if sales go down, sales expenditures go down.) 
Commissions are paid only on what is sold in the exclusive territory.  
Experienced multiple person sales force, not just a single salesperson. 
Professional territory managers with an existing database of active customer accounts. 
Multistate territories with resident sales personnel in strategic areas. 
Tax write-off for the principal. Independent representatives are independent contractors.
No taxes to withhold. 
No health, auto, or life insurance premiums to pay. 
No company bonuses to pay. 
No company vehicles to provide. 
No expense accounts to pay (airfare, hotel, gasoline, etc). 
No 401(k) benefit package to oversee. 
No sales meetings to fund. 
Clear-cut termination agreement (usually a termination letter 60 days in advance). 

Manufacturers' Representatives
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